Thursday, 4 February 2010

Christian fundamentalist say

If as the Christian fundamentalist say, God made the Universe in 6 days some 6000 years ago and totally reject Darwinism. If we set aside the biologic Evolutionary argument we still have a major problem with other scientific disciplines in particular that of cosmology / astronomy. Even if we restrict this Gods endeavours to our own relatively small Milkyway Galaxy (because that’s all we thought he had done up until recently) and suppose he made everything and all the stars came on at the same instant of time, then we would not expect to be able to see anything further than 6000 light years away (the time it takes for light to travel in one year at 186,000 miles a second = one light year) and indeed we would see new stars popping into view all the time. Or are scientists wrong and the speed of light, an immutable law of nature that presumably their God created was somehow tweaked by him so that the light from these distant objects up to 70,000 light years away would be seen instantly from everywhere. Then we are to believe he focused his attention in relation to the size of the Galaxy on what amounts to a dust particle he has just created and indeed in a mind bogglingly trivial corner of that tiny particle he planted his pet humans then wanted them to follow a particular religion (which one depends on where you are born) with its very own and peculiar laws (carved in stone for effect no doubt) and rituals is to stretch credibility beyond breaking point and he wanted his pets to glorify him. The problem here is how does one glorify something that cannot be added to gods don’t by definition need to be glorified. However his pets thought so and copied from other religions and started to build. To build you need a workforce so it was ideal to have slaves or people willing, so you need good propaganda to scare the shit out of them or just lots of dim witted peasants you can control by being backed up by some despotic ruler that believes your crap.
Now this feat of godly magic was not simply confined to our small galaxy (as we found out later that what he did was even bigger) it was supposedly carried out on a cosmological scale where even our 100,000 light year across galaxy with a billion or so suns, pales into an utterly insignificant smallness against the almost unimaginable billions of other galaxies each with hundreds of billions of stars of their own scattered about the 46 billion or so light years between us and the edge of creation making the whole thing about 92 billion light years across and that’s only the visible bit, truly a feat worthy of being called miraculous if we accept the biblical creation story. It is not even as if he gave us a clue or two nope, we had to find this out by ourselves and by fighting off religious mutterings and threats.
We are to believe that the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Catholics, Mormons or the multitude of other cults, sects, denominations, churches or orthodoxies in just one religion alone are central to all this and they are the keepers of the truth and are their gods representatives here on this miniscule rock we call earth and we face hell and damnation if we don’t believe them, If we are being asked to believe that on this now infinitesimally small mote of galactic dust that we call earth where he created and keeps his pet humans, couldn’t he have done a tad more to convince us that he really exists or that he intends us all to follow the words of some TV evangelical preachers who claims to be in touch with this cosmological designer and wants us to part with our hard earned money so that they can glorify him and build more temples, churches and cathedrals in his name and they can live like princes. It seems to me that this cosmological magician could have done that in a blink of his godly eye (the one that was presumably magically made for him by some other designer and not something that could possibly have evolved) maybe he could have put a stamp on everything saying ‘made in heaven’ or ‘Made by God’ something simple for our simple bronze age minds and not something so esoterically strange as religion.
After switching on this magnificently huge cosmos in an instant that would make the scientific ‘Big Bang’ theory seem like a damp squib, 6000 years ago this boastful and jealous god made sure we didn’t know it existed for 99.99 percent of the time since he made it all. Nor did he even tell everyone on the planet except his pet people the Hebrews that he even existed then gets annoyed when they the other inhabitants make up some stories of their own to explain why we are all here. Scientists have the temerity to suggest that due to the expansion rate and the speed of light there are parts of this expanding universe that we or any future pet will never see, and which he obviously forgot to switch on or can we expect another little tweak. The bigger, weirder or beautiful and more complex we find the Universe the more credulity is stretched and the more entrenched the fundamentalists get and the smaller and less convincing their god becomes and the more his pets want to glorify him and build more churches. The more we find out about the universe the more primitive and insignificant religion and gods seems. Even when you remove the fundamentalists assertion of a young earth/universe the god creation myth with its arrogant assertion that humanity is the central raison d’ĂȘtre for the creation of this stupendously huge universe is still just absurd. Considering the microscopically or even sub atomically small in comparison to the rest of the universe to create all these theatrical events to impress a few goat herder wandering about on this particle he either got his scale totally out of whack or these religious nuts have been caught out in a universally huge lie. The scale of things is not so much way too vast even to imagine it is bigger than we can imagine, Christians try and get round this by saying that God is the Universe Well for 99.999% of the time they presented God as a grey bearded old guy sitting on a throne up in the sky, try imagining us having an intimate personal relationship with say an amoeba, It isn’t even close to the order of magnitudes required now.
When humanity started to explore their planet they found things, animals (both extinct and living) and even other continents with their own peoples and surprise, surprise they hadn’t a clue about Jesus. We discovered natural events so mind numbingly difficult to understand like plate tectonics, ice ages, sub atomic particles to name just a few that religion just could not explain or accept and all the scientific discoveries are wrong well until they can shoe horn them into their biblical framework Then it’s a case of “we could have told you that” or “you can’t prove it, so it must be my God”. When man started to ask questions there was and still are people who say “it’s by the will of God” they have no idea not the slightest clue as to what science is about but they think all the answers are contained in a mish mash of Ancient and medieval
When we started to look outwards into the cosmos we found other strange things that religion rejected such as the sun and planets don’t actually go round the earth, that we live on a planet going round a very ordinary star in a corner of a very mediocre galaxy which is part of a huge super cluster of galaxies and still the creationists cling to the idea that we are or more accurately they are central to it all and it is all explained in their holy book, I find it hard to accept we are the same species, as they have not moved one iota away from the bronze age goat herding tribes and high priests chants ‘my god is bigger and better than your god’ and ‘my god made it all cause he told me so’ arguments It is truly an indictment that no book, verse, line or word of the bible has gone even one nanometre towards the expansion of human knowledge it has rejected enquiry for slavish obedience, brutality and ignorance. The more we discover the greater their lies and cosmologically huge their egos and smugness get. We even have one leader claiming to be infallible and all knowing (Isn’t that a definition of a god) that he and his kindly bunch of paedophile, genocidal brutal henchmen holy warriors are needed to keep us in line, piss poor and building.
My theory is that a belief in god is inversely proportional to knowledge; great minds with religion would be greater without.